SMI Apprentice Program

The SMI Apprentice Program offers multiple undergraduate employment positions that were created for act SMI student participants to advance their field work experiences and training.  Candidates to fill these apprenticeship positions are determined through a SMI Scholars selected to serve in apprenticeship roles can expect to learn contemporary mathematics and science content plus pedagogy for teaching the subject content through a variety of course work and seminar and other project opportunities.   

Apprentices are provided teaching experiences under direct supervision from public school teachers. The ultimate goal is to create academic assistance, financial support and mentoring, resulting in preparedness for each participant to consider pursuit of a teaching credential, an intern position in the public schools, admission to an advanced degree program in mathematics/science education.

The SMI Apprentice Program is part of an overall master plan to improve mathematics and science education in Riverside and San Bernardino counties. The program partners with the College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences, UCR Graduate School of Education, Riverside County Office of Education, and San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools Office. As a result, public school students in these areas improve their interest and their abilities in mathematics and science.

The main goal of this program is to provide professional development and a mentoring setting for college mathematics/science majors who want to become teachers. The program also addresses the need to improve student achievement on tests involving mathematics and science while enriching mathematics/science content knowledge and pedagogical content knowledge of existing teachers.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Affiliation: SMI Tier II Scholarship Recipient
  • Academic Status: Good Academic Standing
  • Early Field Experiences:
    • Completed EDUC 3 with C or better
    • Completed EDUC 4 with C or better
  • Exam Completion:
    • CBEST 
    • CSET Math Subtests I and II OR CSET Science Subtest I
  • Completed at least two intern-teaching prerequisite courses listed below:
    • EDUC 110/S
    • EDUC 116/S
    • EDUC 174/S
    • EDUC 175/S
  • Completed NASC 192

General Description:

  • Under direct supervision of an SMI Mentor Teacher, a CA credential teacher
  • Assist Mentor Teacher in lesson planning and lesson implementation
  • Facilitate in after school intervention program and in-class class instruction during school hours


Complete 6 to 10 weekly field hours, includes 1 weekly hour of planning with mentor teacher and an additional 1 weekly hour of independent lesson planning.  Continuous field hours are expected.  The only breakage of weekly hours should occur when the assigned school is closed for Spring Break, Winter Break, or holidays (not UCR closures)

  • Maintain weekly planning sessions with assigned Mentor Teacher who will be designated as the SMI Mentor Teacher for this assignment. Planning sessions may include weekday meetings with Mentor Teacher.
  • Participate in regular school hour instructions Maintain Documentation of Hours form and UCR timesheets 
  • Complete remaining intern teaching-ready requirements, including course work.


IN-CLASS assistance:

Fall: At least two times a week during the same class periods. 

Winter: At least three times a week during the same class periods.  Two (2) of the scheduled days need to be consecutive school days

Intervention Sessions: Before and/or after school

Sept-Dec: two days per week sessions for 1 hour each session

Jan-June: three days per week after school sessions for 1 hour each session


PREP TIME:           

1 hour/week with Mentor Teacher, this may include attending staff/team meetings, school day instructional assistance time

Up to 1 hour/week independently

Salary Information:  $20.00 per hour

School Placements: Field experiences are conducted at sites determined by the SMI Program

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