UCR Professor and students in a science lab (c) UCR/Stan Lim

EL Toolkit

Teaching Video Examples w/ ELL Instructional Strategies or ELD Standards


These are videos reviewed by SOE students as part of assessing English Language Development Instruction for extra credit in my class. Fifteen videos were chosen from the longer list and voted as the most useful examples of teaching strategies to help ELL instruction and lesson planning. A few are for non-STEM subjects and/or elementary grades, but still give useful examples to consider. The videos are not listed in a specific order. They’re just numbered for ease of reference. “Recommend” indicates what my students gave as feedback on the part of the video they felt would be most useful.

Video Creators

All recommended videos were generated by the California Department of Education (CDE resources), San Bernardino School District (from their YouTube Channel “SanBdoCitySchools”), and/or other appropriate NGO teaching resources such as EducTopia. They are all free to use.

More Resources

Many videos were chosen from the “Integrated and Designated ELD Video Series” at the following CDE website: cde.ca.gov/sp/el/er/eldstandards.asp

The CDE also has an ELD Video Series: Administrator’s Guide for Facilitating Remote Professional Learning (docx) on that site which provides guidance, standards, and video links for facilitating remote professional learning using the CDE ELD Video Series. The video links are listed by topic and grade.

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