2022-23 Student Leaders

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Why support CalTeach-SMI?

More than 86% of UCR undergraduate students receive some form of financial assistance to pursue their undergraduate degrees. Please consider supporting CalTeach-SMI today to allow these students to go beyond their academic goals. Your contributions will allow them to:

  • Develop professional networking systems
  • Conduct early fieldwork
  • Participate in hands-on teaching opportunities
  • Become emerging leaders in California school districts and communities
  • Meet admissions requirements for teaching credential programs


How does CalTeach-SMI support STEM students in their exploration into STEM teaching?

  • Provides multiple pathways to enter into its program.
  • Offers specialized courses that include introductions to teaching as a profession, cultural diversity, and educational psychology.
  • Provides field experiences in middle and high school STEM classrooms in the local area with supervised mentor teachers focused on discipline-specific teaching methods.
  • Encourages early professional development experiences through conferences, credential program recruitment fairs, and various network-building activities.
  • Offers a variety of financial support resources, including scholarships and reimbursement funding to offset out-of-pocket expenses related to becoming eligible for entrance into teaching credential programs (e.g., fieldwork travel expenses, state-required teaching examination fees, etc.).


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