2022-23 Student Leaders

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Why support CalTeach-SMI?

More than 86% of UCR undergraduate students receive some form of financial assistance to pursue their undergraduate degrees. Please consider supporting CalTeach-SMI today to allow these students to go beyond their academic goals. Your contributions will allow them to:

  • Develop professional networking systems
  • Conduct early fieldwork
  • Participate in hands-on teaching opportunities
  • Become emerging leaders in California school districts and communities
  • Meet admissions requirements for teaching credential programs

Student Testimonials

How does CalTeach-SMI support STEM students in their exploration into STEM teaching?

  • Provides multiple pathways to enter into its program.
  • Offers specialized courses that include introductions to teaching as a profession, cultural diversity, and educational psychology.
  • Provides field experiences in middle and high school STEM classrooms in the local area with supervised mentor teachers focused on discipline-specific teaching methods.
  • Encourages early professional development experiences through conferences, credential program recruitment fairs, and various network-building activities.
  • Offers a variety of financial support resources, including scholarships and reimbursement funding to offset out-of-pocket expenses related to becoming eligible for entrance into teaching credential programs (e.g., fieldwork travel expenses, state-required teaching examination fees, etc.).


2023-24 AY Progress

(as of 4/10/24)

$21,043 raised
(goal: $40,000)

Current & Past Contributors

Teresa Alvelais
John Briggs
Isabella Bryant
Leslie & Aaron Bushong
Samantha Byers
Cathy Carlson
Maria Casiano
Erick Castaneda
Mark Celones
Steve Clute
Alejandro Cortez

Stephen & Susan Davis

Michelle Dinh
Sharon Duffy
Avecita Eco
Jack Eichler & Lisa Miller
Paul Ellgen
Sandra Evelyn-Veere
William Fenical
Susan Fossum
John Ganim
George Haggerty
Yahaira Henriquez 
Tommy Hoang
Betty Holland
Don & Sharilyn Hunke
Bradley Hyman
Daisy Jimenez

Srivivasa Kodali

Catherine Lussier
Diane Marsh
Debbie McCormick
Jim McIntire
Michael Midland
Phil Naylor
Judy Okamura
Martha Orth
Barbara Outzen
Monica Perez
Shelsea Perez
Dave Petersen
Ilse Pizarro-Felix
Roger Portillo
Judith Posnikoff
Tricia Pryer & Nick Humphreys
Christopher Reed
Nancy Rettig
Margaret Rakowsky
Hartland Schmidt
Brian Schulte
Stephen Sher
Kevin Simpson
Nastazha Sneed
Savannah Sprague
Wendy Shipley
Alexia Smith
Paula Torres
Wilson Tran 
Kathryn Uhrich
Chuong Vu
Toby Walker
Debrorah Willis
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