summer institute 2010

Summer Institute 2010

Summer Institute 2010

UCR Participants: Marissa Baker, Jon Bon, Madison Elkins, Tommy Hoang, Nohemi LaCombe, Yahaira Martinez-Lopez, Karina Rodriguez, John Valdez, Nathan Ziadie 

Citrus Community College Participants: Jane Blough, Laura Blough, Gracie Retamoza, Danielle Ortiz

Credentialed Teacher Partipants: Theresa Britto, Stephanie Fortune, Anna Foutz, Eric Nelson

Dr. Hyman and Dr. Prunuske's PowerPoint Presentations

(download the PowerPoint Presentations using Internet Explorer).
August 17, 2010  
August 18, 2010 

Lesson Demonstration Materials

Science Presentation (download using Internet Explorer)
Interdiscipline Presentation 
Mathematics Presentation


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