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Scholarship Programs

One of the many advantages for being an SMI student participants is to become eligible for various scholarship opportunities, which often provide intermediate and advanced field work that promote professional growth and networking. 


Through a competitive application process, significant financial aid can be offered, which are primarily merit based awards.


Scholarship opportunities for:


...SMI Students

NSF Noyce Scholars Program

UCR Noyce Scholars Program:  Exclusively available to future science and mathematics teachers, the Robert Noyce Scholarship Program at the University of California, Riverside, is a project funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF).  It supports UCR's vision and commitment to increase the number of highly qualified secondary school mathematics and science teachers in high-need schools.  The program is administered in partnership with the UCR Science and Mathematics Initiative (SMI) and the School of Education (SOE), and local school districts including the Val Verde Unified School District (VVUSD). 

The Noyce Scholars Program offers:

  • Scholarships of up to $18,120 awards towards payment of tuition and fees to earn a Single Subject Credential at the UCR Graduate School of Education and up to $15,510 awards for UCR Undergraduate Seniors. 
  • Participation in professional development programs comprised of seminars, workshops, and advanced teaching opportunities.
  • Student-teaching/Intern-teaching/Apprenticeship-teaching experiences with qualified teachers in (but not limited to) partnering school districts.
  • Professional network supported by UCR faculty, staff, in-service teachers and pre-service teachers.
  • Expand professional networking
  • SPECIAL NOTE: Undergraduate Noyce Scholars also receive paid employment as an SMI Peer Leader
SMI Tiered Scholarship Program

The SMI Program extends multiple scholarship awards (up to $8,000) for SMI Undergraduate based on academic and pre-professional merits.  All Scholars are also hired to serve as Peer Mentors and Peer Leaders. 

  • Seniors- Tier II,  with year-long paid field work & paid SMI Peer Leader positions
  • Juniors- Tier III, with paid SMI Peer Mentors positions (if qualified, unpaid year-long field work will also be offered)


...CNAS Students

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- National Prestigious Scholarships & Awards

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